"One of the most endearing things about Yvonne is that she really is just this rugged tomboy character from Australia who is able to embody that glam, geeky, nerdy thing." - Adam Baldwin

  • Step 1: like a thing
  • Step 2: find a few close friends who also like the thing
  • Step 3: don't talk to anyone else in the fandom literally those 5-6 persons are your fandom


everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19

Title: Don't Let Me Go
Artist: RAIGN
Played: 13817 times

fill in the blanks

1. name: genesis
2. birthday: september 20th
3. favorite color: purple
4. lucky number: 7
5. height: 5’4


1. last dream you remember: it was a nightmare but i don’t really remember much of it
2. can you juggle: nope
3. art/sports/both: art 
4. do you like writing: yes
5. do you like dancing: umm if i’m by myself 
6. do you like singing: again if i’m by myself totally 


1. dream vacation: i want to go to rome soooo badly
3. dream guy/gal: chris evans basically  

4. dream wedding: i’ve never really thought about it, but i definitely want some sort of theme wedding (done in a tasteful way)

5. dream pet: a pomsky (it’s my dream dog)
6. dream job: fashion designer


1. favorite song: 23 by jimmy eat world
2. favorite album: right now it’s halcyon by ellie goulding
3. favorite artist: florence & the machine
4. last song you heard on the radio: i don’t remember
5. least favorite song: probably blurred fucking lines
6. least favorite album: idk
7. least favorite artist: right now it’s def robin thicke


1. guys/girls/both: guys
2. hair color: don’t have one
3. eye color: i think green eyes are nice but again i don’t really have a preference 
4. humorous/serious: humorous
5. taller/shorter: taller
6. biggest turn-off: probably ignorance
7. biggest turn-on: nice hands are good also nice hair. oh and muscles too. and if the guy also happens to like reading that’s also a+


YA Lit: Legend by Marie Lu

"Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything’s possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time.You try to walk in the light."
"Not in death, but just in sleep, the fateful prophecy you’ll keep. And from this slumber shall you wake, when true love’s kiss, the spell shall break."


id hit up barnes and noble during the purge

My friend once told me
she liked this guy because of his hands
And I found it absurd that anyone
would develop feelings over one feature,
and not care about the rest

It wasn’t until you used your hands
to cup the back of my neck the first time we kissed
and I could feel your firm grasp pull me closer,
and my insides exploded
and my head buzzed with bliss.

And the first night you slept over,
you fell asleep with your hand
laid over my stomach
and your fingers felt like a fire
that I didn’t mind burning my skin.

The first time we got drunk,
was the first time you played with my hair,
and my god I was hooked,
I’d drink forever if it meant you’d never stop.

And in public you’d hold my hand,
and rub your thumb in little circles
that left me wanting you more,
no matter what you would never let me go,
I was glued to you,
and I honestly didn’t mind

When we talked about breaking up,
you saw my lips quiver with fear,
and you brushed over my lips with your fingers
before pulling me into your lap
and you kissed me like never before.
With your hands on my hips
pulling me so close to you,
leaving no space in between us.
It was then I realized I never wanted you to go

Its now that,
I finally understand why hands
were the only feature that mattered

” — Hands: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)

I’m an addict with no work ethic who is likely going to go insane. I’m not like you. I’m not a super-hero.”Adrian Ivashkov